Review: Straight talk samsung Galaxy Note 2


It hasn’t perhaps been per year since the authentic Samsung Galaxy Note unveiled. It was a piece of master for outdated Samsung. A lot of (including all of us, we confess) were not convinced. Who in the world would want one thing so big to create their cell phone calls and surf the internet, in spite of a glorified stylus?

Cue awkward peace and quiet.

Millions of you, it would appear. The Check out the Galaxy Note has sold with the bucketload. And while it can be most definitely a market device, it’s done wonders for Samsung’s equilibrium sheet. How do you follow in which up? With something much better, of course * the Check out the Galaxy Note 2.

If you have ever fondled or caressed the first Samsung Whole world Note and discovered its larger size a lot of to handle, we are going to break this particular to you with a sledgehammer – the particular Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is bigger.

It’s now 151.1 by 80.Your five x 9.4mm (5.9 x Three.2 x 0.4 inches), therefore slightly way up from 146.9 x 83 x Being unfaithful.7mm (5.8-10 x Three or more.3 times 0.Several inches). Nevertheless, we missed it difficult at all.

In how the original Samsung Galaxy Be aware followed the particular Samsung Galaxy S2′s square layout, the Straight talk samsung Galaxy Notice 2 follows the New samsung Galaxy S3′s far more rounded rectangle-shaped look.

And such a beauty it can be. It actually felt slightly smaller in order to us in day-to-day use — but which might be down to the fact that we have gravedigger arms.

The Samsung Whole world Note a frankly remarkable screen because it was, thus would have taken some defeating. But New samsung clearly likes a challenge. The size and style has gone upward slightly via 5.Several inches to five.5. Along with although pixel density is decreased, we don’t notice this.

This is the brilliant, vivid New samsung Super AMOLED screen that we truly realize and enjoy – along with what a attractiveness it is, burning colours surprisingly and immaculately.

As anticipated, that display takes up most of the front. You have a home switch and two undetectable soft recommendations beneath it as being before, and also a front-facing camera and sensors upwards top.

The mobile itself features little to make note of (geddit?) around the edges. A headset jack up best, power switch on the appropriate, volume around the left and charger interface below, appropriate alongside the actual S-Pen slot — more of which will follow later on.

Around the back, you can find the 8MP camera with thumb.

The additional sorcery is completed away from watch. The microSD growth slot can be beneath the back cover : as is the particular microSIM slot, undetectable behind the particular enormous Several,100 mAh battery power.

FutTv : EGW24NiNhq6ly

And there’s a great deal of amazing benefits even further inwards compared to that: HSDPA (LTE if you are extra fortuitous), NFC, Navigation, Wi-Fi and so forth. It’s really a veritable treasure trove involving geekdom.

One other issue we’d have to say is that this can feel like a good Android smartphone/tablet. We are aware of the actual protestations by a number of readers (specifically iPhone consumers) that mobile phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 think that toys because they are so light and plasticky.

At 183g (3.4lbs), you could hardly describe your Samsung Universe Note 2 as a feather : and the bodyweight gives it a genuine notion of compound.

If you want to find out of these big boys up, you have to be willing to do without some serious cash – close to ?530/AU$999/US$700 appears to be the average SIM-free price. Additionally it is available on agreement, but be ready to shovel top dollar each month in the network’s direction for two main years.

Normally, this is where we’d mention the alternatives available. But all of us admit, we’ve been stumped below. Why? Properly, in our thoughts, there is no clear rival. The particular Samsung Universe Note produced its own group, in that there was no actual phablets about ahead of.

There is the LG Optimus Vu, which has not hit the united kingdom, but influences US within the moniker Whirlpool Intuition, even so it’s Some:3 rate screen makes it an extremely strange proposition.

And although you’ll get your Android Some.1 Jam Bean main system and similar advantages from the Check out the Galaxy S3 as well as Samsung Universe Note 12.1 (depending on whether you will want phone or perhaps tablet), the form factor is fairly unique.

In fact, the only real competing is the original Samsung Whole world Note * a worthwhile contender for that title, since it is now available to get a much diminished sum.

However that is certainly all about to alter as studies suggest the kind of HTC, Panasonic, Huawei and ZTE almost all have 5-inch additionally handsets on how, many of which will apparently offer full High definition, 1080p display – your eyes will not likely know what strike em.

Around ?400/AU$480/US$500 provide an original Notice SIM-free – understanding that makes it an incredibly serious and credible replacement for its alternative, the Check out the Galaxy Take note 2.


Let’s place this out of the start. Your Samsung Whole world Note 2 is a seriously fast Android mobile phone device.

It comnes working on Android os 4.One Jelly Bean, just as the original Samsung Galaxy Note has bumped as much as Android Several.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The most recent version, Android mobile phone 4.Two, is now out in the wild and we’ve been sure it will be only a a few time ahead of it makes it’s way on top of the Galaxy Be aware 2.

Of course, Jelly Beans has Project Butter, which genuinely ramps the speed from the operating system * and that sits on top of 2GB Random access memory and a quad-core One.6GHz processor. It really is almost enough to make our minds melt.

The Check out the Galaxy Take note 2 is actually powerful enough to start any nuclear conflict.

In fact, we’re able to see Matthew Brodderick using one of these, if they ever remade War Games.

The first thing you will notice once you are signed inside and set upward is TouchWiz. Which is Samsung’s proprietary epidermis, which sits atop Google android and has prepared for many iterations.

Some love it, some hate it, however it has come about in progress over the last year or so.

Yes, it’s a tiny colourful and also cartoony in some places, but it is pretty practical.

And although you may replace it along with third-party launchers, if you want to use the S-Pen for the majority of functions, you’ll have to follow it.

TouchWiz gives you 7 home screens for you to whiz between (which you can do with no delay) but that’s the lot.

Seven appears to be the magic number on most OEM launchers, and provides you with plenty space for the most part.

They can be inhabited with widgets, as can all Android mobile phone models.

Samsung provides a number of out of the box, and you will probably delete some straight away.

Things like S-Suggest, for example, didn’t float our boat.

But it’s all regulated subjective, and you will remove, exchange and add to your heart’s content.

Some of those that ship with the Samsung Galaxy Note Only two are Samsung’s and a few are The major search engines.

And some, like Gmail examine and the audio control, go about doing make lifestyle easier.

The Search engines Play Retailer is your friend here, as well as delving by means of it is always part of the fun.

Apps are accessed using the app bathroom drawer, which you locate at the bottom-right of every screen, together with four various other customisable shortcuts.

They’re viewable in a 5×5 power company format, because of the increased display real estate, with a live picture of your wall picture beneath that appears great.

You may also preview widgets from a loss within this, instead of having to set up each golf widget to see what it really looks like, that’s how issues used to be done.

If you’ve ever employed a Samsung Galaxy S3, you may feel appropriate at home here.

The S-Pen is different. We shall go into more in our Roadmaps, apps along with S-Pen section later on.

But just a fast mention regarding how it’s applied in Android os Jelly Vegetable: it’s quite smart.

As soon because you pull against each other of its position, it semi-launches a unique suite associated with apps so that you can pick from.

We saw something similar for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

The notification bar has become jazzed up a tad too, and it’s currently more useful.

Being able to pinch to view new emails is a new supplement.

Android Jelly Bean also gives you the fantastic Yahoo and google Now. It’s really a great associate app that will learns within you as you apply it.

The idea is it accesses all parts in your life (let’s say Shami Chakrabarti won’t be a fan) but then helps you away.

So, for example, this tells you exactly what the traffic is just like when you’re planning to head to perform, home as well as somewhere else.

It demonstrates the information while ‘cards’ and even pops bits of information and facts (such as the temperature) in your notice bar.

There are a few flaws within it, too. For example, Google Search is excellent.

Ask it which the Pm hours of Japan is and this will immediately response you which has a photo with his fantastic name along with details about him or her spoken to you.

Results come back in just a millisecond, and incredibly put Siri to be able to shame.

Then once again, Siri trumps Yahoo Now when it comes to voice actions. Sending a new text or even an email through Google Now is possible, but it’s not as instinctive, fun or easy as it really is with Siri.

Nor could be the banter along with humour you receive back anywhere near as excellent.

They both have their strengths as well as weakness right here – nevertheless we’d say Google Now complements, rather than rules the platform, and comes below Siri in a number of ways.

Which will be the comparison a few will instantly make.

Contacts and callingContacts

You can easily access connections on the Samsung Galaxy Be aware 2 most likely through the phone or the contacts part – because both versions have techniques at the base of the display.

Considering they both finally lead to the exact same app, you could as well eliminate one of these cutting corners and give – more place for another application.

And once you have there, you might be treated for the standard Samsung-Android connections display with tabs pertaining to favourites, organizations and so forth.

It’s actually no different to what we’ve seen ahead of, and will the operations bit perfectly indeed.

Samsung punches in a few nuggets too * such as using left on the contact to be able to message them and to call them or perhaps having an individual lift the telephone to your hearing when in a contact to refer to them as automatically.

Though, used, we’d have an interest to see how many people do not forget that feature perhaps there is and definitely use it.

Contacts are brought across with photos and then you get a huge thumbnail when you call them or they phone you.

Yes, we know this is a small point and it’s some thing that’s been around for years, but there’s just something nice with regards to seeing a good big chance of Mummy when the girl calls.

It’s wonderful how many OEM’s tinker with this most elementary of functions, unfortunately.

And we hanker still for some kind of HTC emulation so that contact lenses are linked automatically.

We incorporate some people with six to eight or seven entries in your phonebook along with frankly, New samsung, life is far too short to need to do this personally for 2,000+ folks.

There are also tons of things you can start to play about with in the menu – such as a stop list pertaining to callers you don’t like (those that clearly are not clever enough to use 141 prior to they call you) and also the ability to increase shortcuts to the people to your home monitor.

It all produces a nice, easy, fluid knowledge.

Social networking fiends will not likely feel a lot love in unboxing the Samsung Galaxy Take note 2, since there isn’t really any type of functionality built-in there aside from Samsung’s own ChatON app, which is a slight poor man’s WhatsApp in terms of the amount of people are alert to its living.

This is both a plus and a minus : a plus because you can always move hunting around as well as install pertinent apps your self without being expected to sign straight into endless window screens automatically.

But another minus, since the majority of users will certainly, by default, put in the standard Twitter apps, uninformed that there are a number of far exceptional third-party solutions.

For illustration the amazing Twicca frankly wipes the floor with the abomination this is the official Tweets app.


Samsung extremely helpfully provides you with the ability to scale down items including the phone papan ketik (and other components of the UI) to trim towards your own right or left palm so that you can utilize the Samsung Galaxy Note Two with a single paw.

This is advisable if you’re a slight Hagrid, though many of us admit, although possible, many of us clutched the Straight talk samsung Galaxy Note 2 solidly with the hands because we had been terrified i’d drop it if we exhibited too much.

And that leads us nicely to the large elephant within the room. The size of your Samsung Universe Note 2.

Yes, this is a mobile phone (Samsung has itself mentioned the Straight talk samsung Galaxy Notice is a smart phone, rather than a product) and yes, you can make calls on it.

But seriously, do you want to hold this as much as your head? We all did — and got jeered out of the place.

The Samsung Universe Note 2 has a few fantastic capabilities, but to keep something the dimensions of a breeze obstruct up to your current ear in public areas all can feel a bit Early.

That said, it can be obvious once you buy this that it is a big handset, so we are sure that the objective market will not be averse to using a Bluetooth device or perhaps car system the majority of the moment.

And anyway, the length of time do we devote actually generating calls currently? That’s soooooo 2003.

If you do believe crazy need to phone someone, we will say this kind of: you’ll enjoy it.

It is a very pleasurable experience to create calls about the Samsung Whole world Note Only two as, in fact, it is with all the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Calls connected effortlessly and indication appeared to be nicely represented.

Calls ended up very clear with our end and the people said it appeared great for them – even though the conversation might have been more titillating, that we can’t fault on Check out the.

And once in the call, you may even take a take note. It’s a rather easy idea that aids enormously inside those times when you need the pen. Because don’t forget — you also have a pen of the ‘S’ selection included in the Straight talk samsung Galaxy Notice 2.


This just as one Android device, you cannot fault the amount of messaging options within the Samsung Universe Note 2.

Firstly, there’s Email, and the Samsung Galaxy Notice 2 includes two flavors built in.

One is the standard, exceptional Gmail app found on most Android handsets.

The second is Samsung’s own Snail mail app, which in turn accommodates Google30mail as well as practically every other POP3/IMAP and Exchange choice you choose to chuck in its direction.

The Google30mail app is brilliant.

It ended up being overhauled pertaining to Android Frozen goodies Sandwich, so if you have the authentic Samsung Galaxy Note (and you also haven’t up to date from Gingerbread), you will very quickly notice the difference.

It seems to be better, the idea acts far better and it gives you a gadget too.

The search facility on this app is extremely good as well, and may pick out the tiniest detail from more than Ten,000 email messages in our email address.

The only factor it allows us to down on could be the reformatting of HTML emails to match the display screen.

You can’t glide out to obtain a whole site view, this also has been a great Achilles’ heel to the app since very beginning. We don’t see why it has to be this way. Occur Google — sort it out.

The Straight talk samsung Mail application is excellent, and provide you the choice to tweak a variety of aspects, from the font dimensions to the colour of the email address display.

Turn the actual Samsung Universe Note A couple of on it’s side and you will get a separated view, that is a nice feel. A Snail mail widget gives you one-touch access to all the messages within.

And you can * sort of : achieve a full-page view of Web coding emails within this app, despite the fact that sometimes it was not quite 100% plus more 75%.

On top of that, you can always put your own message solutions also. There are the obvious ones like Facebook and Twitter (as well as third-party versions) and therefore the other outstanding additions including Viber, Tango, WhatsApp, Live messenger and Skype.

The beauty of Android is once these kind of apps are installed, all of them show up since options within the contact minute card when you call up a person’s title.

We can’t state we’re distraught to see the back of Samsung’s Social Center app * this was an aggregator initial seen in the Samsung Galaxy S2 that delivered all of your e-mail, tweets, Myspace messages and so forth together.

On the face area of it, it may sound helpful. Yet frankly, if you are as popular (and moderate) as we are, it just almost all gets a touch too much.

For scraping out communications, you’re really rotten for alternative. Samsung’s included key pad is OK, but not the best.

Keys are only a little too small for us, though it does consist of some features similar to Swype, which makes for a quicker experience.

Google’s speech dictation is also outstanding, and you can utilize that as opposed to a computer keyboard.

Don’t confuse what we said before about areas of Google Now being a faff, because that still is an acronym. But when dictating mail messages on Google Words Typing, it’s really quite excellent.

The beauty could be that the words seem as you communicate, which gives which you little more self-assurance to influence longer communications.

There is a problem in that punctuation can be a small headbanger. Saying ‘period’ (Us all English) instead of ‘full stop’ (British British) is fine — we got used to that easily adequate.

But saying ‘comma’ can lead to anything from ‘mama’, ‘kama’ or perhaps ‘korma’ appearing when you are just trying to punctuate a rattling sentence.

And in case you hit eliminate, the entire information goes and you have to start yourself, whereas in the event you tap the particular screen to generate a manual correction, nine periods out of 10, the standard keyboard set appears and you have to faff concerning going back to the actual voice one particular.

It’s enough to cause you to want to setting off of this planet sooner rather than later.

So, yet again, it’s mount for classes. Those searching for a direct comparison to Siri will find the quality of your service (web browser the actual tone of voice recognition) far more accurate in Apple’s product. But by no means excruciating on the New samsung Galaxy Be aware 2.

And make sure you remember the S-Pen, which in turn enables you to tap into out terms by just writing them with a virtual sleep pad at the bottom from the screen.

This can be scarily accurate, and also relies on genuine handwriting instead of weird cutting corners like the old days of Hands graffiti.

It even is able to decipher cursive creating. Really.

In simple fact, our simply criticism from the experience is that you have to have the actual Samsung Universe Note 2 flat on a desk. That’s because when you’re possessing it inside your left hand, and also the pen inside your right, there exists a tendency to be able to tilt the actual Samsung Whole world Note Only two a bit.

And since your hand moves across the screen, there’s nowhere to rest it following a range, which means you wind up clutching the S-Pen in a very weird means.

Remember, you’re keying in in a small place at the bottom. Nevertheless, it’s easy enough to get utilized to.


This is the interesting bit — this is the area of the review we have now looked forward to writing the most. Because, if you’re looking for a transportable internet gadget, then you have arrive at the right place.

For exploring, we think the particular Samsung Galaxy Note A couple of is an almost unbeatable phone.

Where the size could possibly be an Achilles’ heel in the getting in touch with section, the following it’s best. That screen is big ample to display website pages beautifully without getting too cumbersome to hold.

And the shades and sharpness in the display help to make pages take off. It’s outstanding.

Speeds are lightning fast. Make sure you remember, the New samsung Galaxy Notice 2 is going to be LTE compatible for many people – and though we could hardly test that function however, just searching over Wi-Fi or even good old HSDPA is as quick like a flash.

The Everyday Mail internet site (which we used to test because it’s data-heavy, not really because we’ve been desperate to educate yourself on the health benefits of an square regarding chocolate each day) loaded very quickly over Wi-Fi.

It was under a couple of seconds when we hit ‘go’ just before we could in fact pan about.

And using 3G only extra a second onto this, in the event that. The grunt coming from that processor chip makes such a huge difference.

Pages zoomed out there look incredible.

And when you focus, you can see textual content right up to any gnat’s level without having to view person pixels.

You can have your Samsung Universe Note 2 reformat pages when you zoom in nevertheless it doesn’t do that by default, which can be slightly annoying.

In fact, you will need to go into the innovative section of the configurations menu in order to dig this little gem out, that we were not overly amazed with the need to do.

Lots of men and women won’t be aware of this – and that might lead to a second rate experience for no reason in any respect.

Something else that makes the experience second rate is the lack of Flash support.

Yes, we know that the globe is moving on from Expensive and even Adobe has stopped assisting it (therefore why it is not in the Yahoo Play store).

We knew it had been going to happen when Jelly Bean landed. Yet hear us out.

The reality is that whether or not the world is moving for you to HTML5, and even if Flash can be buggy because hell, you will find an awful lot of websites out there that aren’t/haven’t changed.

Updating vast amounts of pages will take a long time, so it would have been wonderful to have it instead of not.

Yes, there is certainly an argument which by removing it, the idea forces web designers to change their particular sites, but that’s a whole distinct debate.

For us, it’s about the fact one in, declare, six internet sites we look in no longer work appropriately, which can’t be a good thing.

Flash can nonetheless be added if you know how to ‘side load’ – but it’s certainly not official, unfortunately. RIP.

Don’t overlook you can always customize the browser if you do not like it.

Samsung’s work is a valiant undertake the standard Android mobile phone browser * but we’ve been also massive fans regarding Chrome, that Google is truly bundling now becasue it is default internet app.

The knowledge about Chrome is definitely that bit more fluid – but it’s all the way down to personal option.

As for the book-marking system, it is extremely similar to what we’ve seen before on the Straight talk samsung Galaxy S3.

The Samsung Galaxy Be aware 2 indications into Yahoo and google, and syncs around your web favourites, so they’re always there in the bank.

You can also help save pages for offline studying, which is convenient for those folks who vacation on the subway or in parts of poor wedding reception.

However, it appears to save lots of the web page as an image, which means that links don’t work.

So if you want to then adhere to a link once you get back in to civilisation, alas, you simply can’t do so with no digging around menus make it possible for Online Function again.


There are generally two snappers incorporated with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – an 8MP 1 around the back again and a 1.9MP camera going through the front. Ten megapixels might not rock your world if size matters, but if good quality does, you’ve come to the right place.

The camera is incredibly capable, comprehensive and instinctive. Firing up is very quick : even more quickly if you put a secret on your secure screen, to help you swipe into it from your standing start off.

The camera is constantly seeking a new lock to concentrate automatically * but you can alter that point using your finger by simply tapping anyplace on the screen.

The expensive is extremely robust, just like about our Samsung Galaxy S3. We found inside ourselves the fairly hilarious situation of being in a dark pub with buddies who were just about all snapping using iPhones.

When all of us fired the flash through to this, your comments ought to were unprintable. It is blinding if you’re not expecting it – but the beauty is that it is also good at just what it does, and may match a certain point and tries for a takedown in that respect.

Lots regarding headline characteristics from the S3 have been brought across. They’re really quite intuitive and include factors such as Best Photo (that identifies the best out of several taken in speedy bursts), Deal with Detection, a very good Panorama (contrary to iOS 6 fans’ notion, Apple would not invent panorama), Smile Recognition and Friend Share (which in turn identifies frequently viewed close friends and will also send photographs featuring these on to these).

See how the Straight talk samsung Galaxy Note 2 deals when placed against the brand-new iPhone 5 in our side-by-side digicam comparison video.


If you’re a tinkerer, you can even change a plethora of detailed options, such as ISO and exposure. Most people won’t bother – as well as the more discriminating snapper, it really is nice to be able to do it.

On the surface of that, there are several scene modes, which assist you to tailor the feel of your images. Included are stuff like Negative method, which many of us seem to observe on cell phone after mobile phone yet cannot understand — do folks actually get photos in Negative method? And if so, are they all not in a few kind of unique jail?

Although it is nice to have these customization options, we are really not that fussed, taking into consideration apps such as Instagram give us more anyway.

Taking pictures itself is a fairly easy affair : you can acquire two for each second if you are in a hurry, but there is the issue that this shutter speed cannot keep up. And if you’re trying to get a photo of your pet running around or perhaps your child for the trampoline, you are more likely than not to end up with a bit of a blurry wreck.

That won’t be entertaining when you’re searching out years as a child pics in order to embarrass these with, come their own 18th house party.

The golden tip here is to look at photos associated with inanimate things. Stick to trees and lampposts and you’ll be fine.

One some other gimmick we all liked – if only regarding boasting reasons – would be the fact you can acquire photos simply by talking to you. We never tire regarding saying "cheese" and seeing the Check out the Galaxy Note 2 carry out the leg operate. But it just worked 90% of the time, and usually hit a brick wall when we ended up trying to set iPhone-toting friends back in their iBoxes by simply showing all of them how neat we were (go through: uncool when it fails.)

The quality involving photos produced was outstanding. We were genuinely happy with the outcomes. In sunshine and perfect lighting effects conditions, these people looked amazing.

Even in deeper conditions, the flash gave them that extra boom that was required. And with that enormous display for a viewfinder, it produced the whole encounter so much more enjoyable.

Click here to see the full resolution image

Click here to see the full quality image

Click here to determine the full decision image

Click here to determine the full solution image

Click here to determine the full solution image

Click here to find out the full decision image

You can use the actual inbuilt outcomes to enhance the heat of your pictures, make them look cooler within temperature or just play with the crooks to make them search a little more cartoony as well as funky.

Click below to see the full resolution image

Click right here to see the complete resolution image

Click below to see the total resolution image

HDR setting works — but we all found that plenty of pictures failed to need it, given that they look so good anyway.

Click here to view the full resolution image

Click here to determine the full decision image

Click here to view the full solution image


It’s funny to think how a year or so ago, everyone was using those flip digital cameras to get HD movie, yet you can now do it therefore perfectly together with phones much like the Samsung Universe Note Two.

Again, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 performs exceptionally well in the online video aspect of the camera app. It is accessed basically enough by simply going into your camera and toggling it on from there.

Once in, you’ll be able to shoot videos straight away. Not just that, but once we saw with the Samsung Whole world S3 and the The new htc One A before which, simply take the camera key that appears and you’ll be able to take photos during your video and never having to stop taking. This is a great feature we could have done with years ago.

YouTube :

Again, you can find some changes that enable you to alter how your video looks with regards to colour vividness. These are encouraged, because it’s a great deal harder to apply an effect to a large video after you’ve filmed it compared to to a image, due to the rendering process.

There’s also the ability to accelerate your movies and slow them down, but it has to be used before you start taking pictures. We couldn’t quite start to see the point in it ourselves, but we can affirm it does just what it should.

Resolutions range from the mind-blowing heights associated with 1920 x 1080 for the rather more fundamental 320 by 240. Clearly, there is a difference in size, with a 26 next video to arrive at a massive 53MB in High definition. But that’s being expected.

Filming relocating objects leads to no troubles at all, and the sound quality duplication is wonderful. We had your Samsung Universe Note A couple of with the Anti-Shake mode enabled even as we filmed away from a car window, and found the idea held its very own well.

All in most, smartphone Hi-def video cameras never come as good as this.

See how a Samsung Whole world Note Only two fares any time put up from the new apple iphone 5 inside a side-by-side video evaluation.

FutTv : 3228VnG5j51jZMedia

As a portable mass media player, what can we say? The particular Samsung Universe Note Only two excels again. The love-it-or-hate-it more substantial screen is perfect for viewing advertising, as one would likely expect.

And advertising is certainly essential for Straight talk samsung. Not only do you acquire 16/32/64GB storage integrated, but you could also bump which up simply by another 64GB. This kind of deserves a special mention, due to the fact even though it isn’t an innovative thought, Samsung is clearly bucking any trend the following by even now allowing people the option to be expanded their safe-keeping.

We’re seeing a lot of new mobile phones with non-expandable storage area to inspire (force) all of us to go to the actual cloud * but for those that want to store lots of excellent content in your area, it’s good to offer the option.


Watching video clips is a satisfaction. That Hi-def display looks stunning, and also the Samsung Whole world Note 2 isn’t consequently heavy that you will need to sleep the night after having it with regard to half an hour.

We love how you can stream the audio tracks to a Wireless bluetooth headset way too, so you can appreciate movies completely wirelessly.

And there’s even an outdoor setting to make it easier to see in vibrant sunlight, though it cranks your display way up, so do not expect your own battery saying thanks to you.

The array of file sorts supported can be impressive way too: MP4, M4V, Xvid, DivX, AVI along with 3GP – the truth is, not once did we have the dreadful ‘file type not supported’ error communication.

You also get the particular Pop-up Play purpose that we saw on the S3, therefore you can have your own video use on top of no matter what app you’re using.

Multitasking ahoy.

You can get video clips on the phone in a single of a couple of ways * you can connect from your computer or buy/rent motion pictures from Search engines Play.

Google Play is getting far better and better every day. In terms of exactly what it offers, the key blockbusters are there, nonetheless it doesn’t have the back catalogue involving iTunes.

Still, there’s bound to become something right now there to keep a person occupied before you can get with a computer to place own things on.

In terms of music, Straight talk samsung has plainly learned lessons from the original Samsung Whole world Note.

We didn’t have complaints in those days – it had been all nice and safe and also stock Android os.

But it’s crystal clear that for your Samsung Galaxy Note A couple of, Samsung has really decided to go for that.


Firstly, the music gamer is no longer stock Android, however a much beefed-up model, with support for playlists with an equaliser that really really does make an enormous difference whenever listening together with headphones.

Externalisation, or Virtual 7.1ch in particular, you could make your music come alive.

Album art will be displayed superbly, and there is also something crazy called Audio Square, in which you touch a part of the square to choose what type of tunes you want to listen to.

Left is Enthusiastic, top is Exciting, correct is Satisfied and base is Peaceful. Depending on how next to each corner your kids finger drops, you’ll receive anything from A couple of Unlimited to Tupac.

We’re big followers. It’s fun and the music quality is top notch. As well as, you never know what you are going to get.

On top of this, Straight talk samsung has been busy updating the Music Centre, which scans your mobile phone for tunes and suits them to various other music that you might like.

It’s kind of like Apple’s Master, and is great.

We tried it along with something arbitrary – ‘Turn The idea Into Love’ simply by Hazell Dean – and also were happily shocked if it threw rear a load of Bananarama and Martika.

The real emphasis this is on helping you get to sign up for a forex account, and then you can enjoy access to an incredible number of songs with regard to streaming.

The services are powered by 7digital, but it’s going to set you back ?9.98 a month for the subscription.

And available to get Spotify for the same price, you have to stay and think about which one is really better.


Luckily, if you do not want to spend and have certainly not got a single MP3 to your name, you are able to still get throughout on the action using the FM radio which is included.

We find it irresistible when these are bundled, since it’s nice at times to just tune in to the radio without complications.

You can launch the actual FM radio from the home screen employing a handily supplied gadget, and even control it with your tone of voice if you want to affect the station.

Sometimes, all of us did uncover ourselves coming to the TuneIn Radio app because it was clearer, however that can rinse off the battery because it streams, so it’s a case of wholesaling between the two.

If you’re a streamer, you have no concerns here. We enjoyed transmitting media across using the Almost all Share Solid receiver (obtained separately) yet without which, if you have a DLNA-capable TV as well as Apple Television, you can send out stuff across – like videos from YouTube.

We utilised an application called iMedia Talk about and were able to send each of our media right across to a Apple TV – but even with out that, taking part in to a Playstation 3 slim or Wi-Fi Tv set is easy since pie.

Battery life and connectivityBattery

Of course, there has to be the lowest point to get a gadget that does so much. And here is where you expect us to tell you that this Samsung Universe Note Only two fails dismally, right?

Well, actually, we’re not going to, because this system manages to place a good hard work in.

We’re not necessarily going to explain how battery life around the Samsung Whole world Note Only two is extensively amazing, because it’s not.

But shared of anticipations, it undoubtedly sits at the conclusion of ‘better than average’.

Powering it is a 3,100mAh battery, which New samsung reckons will provide on standby time of several 890 hours in 3G.

We’re not necessarily going to argument that, but just point out that such quotes are needless, because no-one will use their Samsung Galaxy Note A couple of the way these experiments are performed.

Remember, these are final results obtained in optimum laboratory conditions. The world’s too short to replicate those.

In fact, it isn’t really even worth mentioning the actual quoted talk time, because if you happen to be buying the New samsung Galaxy Note 2 in order to use being a phone, then something is just not quite appropriate.

Here’s where we found each of our usage still left us: we took the actual Samsung Whole world Note Two off demand at 8am.

It ended up being all set up using Facebook as well as Twicca updating, a single Gmail bank account (email in addition calendar) the other Exchange Email account.

Dropbox have also been set up to immediately sync just about all photos come to our account over Wi-Fi.

Over the course of the day, many of us surfed the internet for about two hours altogether.

We tweeted a dozen approximately times, sent one e mail, made about 30 mins worth of phone calls, shot Thirty five photographs as well as 11 movies and had Wi-Fi and also GPS enabled constantly.

By 8pm, the particular Samsung Universe Note A couple of was gasping regarding juice, as a result of 4%.

Our conclusion with this is that the electric battery is actually the same as that about the Samsung Whole world S3, in terms of what it really delivers with regard to average use.

Yes, it is greater. But don’t forget that this screen is also larger. Which is where you will discover most of the liquid being guzzled.

Plus, we had been really assessment the battery here, and as is usually the way, one you’ve had these devices for a few months and halted playing around using your new gadget, you are prone to see your usage levels fall a little.


Connectivity works through the Check out the Galaxy Take note 2′s blood, which means you won’t wrestle anywhere below. We’ve talked about how well DLNA works, and you’ve got full internet functions – specially LTE if you’re fortunate enough to have access to that.

Remember though, LTE will likely be even more difficult on which battery.

NFC is also included, and while we’re happy to see this, we cannot get out the particular party balloons nevertheless. This technology really needs a lesser tap versus a audience and more of a kick up their backside to be working nicely.

Apple didn’t purchase in with the iPhone Your five, which would have got brought that mainstream, in support of now is Fruit offering the National football conference payment scheme to some brand-new British Check out the owners.

This is actually a great characteristic, but the sad thing is the fact that it’s currently just a bit of an also-ran that number of will know perhaps exists on the Samsung Whole world Note Two, until providers invest in the actual technology appropriately.

Speaking of this however, the S-Beam features enables you to touch your mobile phone against additional enabled units to exchange files rapidly. We had minimal success, however when it works, it is a great feature.

If you might be connecting for your computer to get media across and you’re a new Windows person, you’ll have number of issues.

Connecting to some Mac can be slightly trickier, since you need to use the Android File Transfer app to restore compatible, which may be flaky.

There are various other apps that can do the work for you in a easier way. For example, AirDroid enables you to send out media throughout and moderate your Samsung Whole world Note 2 using a browser-based interface.

We’re big fans of this, although you can only transfer to the memory this way, and not to an outside SD card.

Then you have the iSyncr app, which can be available for both Mac and PC. Or use Samsung’s individual Kies app, yet frankly, we might rather micro wave our own brain. Painful doesn’t come close.

Maps, applications and the S-PenApps

When you are looking for adding several extras as is also, Samsung’s one of the excellent guys.

When we all reviewed your Motorola Razr not long ago i, we observed that Moto had designed a good telephone but been recently a little restricted with the incorporated non-standard Google apps.

Luckily, the Samsung Galaxy Notice 2 doesn’t suffer this affliction, although it doesn’t get a little obsessive either.

First on the Samsung Whole world Note Two, there’s the Search engines apps.

Within these kinds of you get your current standard Search engines suite, this includes Yahoo Books along with Google Perform.

These two solutions deserve a special mention, only when for the undeniable fact that Google offers pulled it’s proverbial clothes up below.

The offerings are actually interwoven with all the Google Participate in store exactly where we as soon as used to move just for software and online games, and it seems like a complete providing.

The book keep, in particular, is attempting to battle some tailor made away from Amazon’s Ipad app, and also based on how it functions, it may well be successful.

We really loved the fact that we were able to download a sample associated with JK Rowling’s first non-Harry Potter book and check out it out.

Add to that the little web site turning animated graphics reminiscent of Apple’s iBooks, plus you’ve got a winner to deal with.


And then we have got Google Road directions. We mention this which is such a powerful piece of software, this also has been featured more in the last few weeks due to the Apple Maps fiasco.

The simple truth is that Yahoo has been giving turn by simply turn navigation for a few years currently (though theoretically it is still in Beta) and it’s also frankly fantastic.

Free, simple to use and interlinked using transit directions, this is how you make an almost ideal mapping software.

Anybody who buys the New samsung Galaxy Be aware 2 is not only just getting a best smartphone, but additionally a fully thorough, fully up-to-date, turn-by-turn sat nav option.

And with the New samsung Galaxy Notice 2′s speed from locking onto GPS, you’ll really do effectively with it when travelling is the bag.

In a bit of a doubling upwards example, Straight talk samsung has also included S-Voice. Its principal plus is that you may fire it simply by expressing ‘Hi Galaxy’ to your Check out the Galaxy Take note 2.

But this in itself genuinely drains the car battery, because the New samsung Galaxy Note 2 is consistently listening out for your dulcet colors unless you change the purpose off.

We additionally took downside to her tone of voice – the lady who Check out the has appointed to document the reactions (who may work for Vlingo, given that that capabilities the whole shebang) couldn’t sound a lot more cold and also disinterested if the girl tried. And that is being variety.

If you’re depressed and just wish to hear a genial voice, she’s going to probably tip you within the edge.

Having asserted, we were very impressed. S-Voice has obviously been tinkered using since we all first tried it on the Samsung Galaxy S3, also it now has some of the humour we got in Siri while she very first arrived. Solutions come from Wolfram Alpha.

It’s all very useful, albeit somewhat of a novelty.

Yet this is where the Google android fragmentation issue actually rears its head – albeit elegantly. Why do we need two apps that do a similar thing? We already have Yahoo Now, make sure you remember.


So when Jobs said the actual stylus has been dead, had been he wrong?

Apparently so, in the event that Samsung shall be believed, even though we have to indicate that the S-Pen can be ‘so much more compared to a stylus’ if the hoopla is to be swallowed.

Now here’s finished . – whenever we reviewed the initial Samsung Galaxy Note a year ago, we failed to buy the S-Pen idea. We think it is a gimmick.

Clearly, thousands of people didn’t consent, because the New samsung Galaxy Note sold through the truckload.

Was that because people were purchasing it for that bigger screen or the S-Pen?

That’s an entirely different copper tea pot of fish, but either way, the S-Pen has returned and it’s superior to before.

As it did with the Samsung Whole world Note 15.1, New samsung has now furthermore worked on pressure sensitivity.

So like a pen, the harder you click down on the actual screen, the particular thicker your imprint you’re making.

When you first pull the S-Pen away from its little holder in the bottom right, the phone vibrates quickly : almost as even though you’ve trained with a bit of a surprise.

That then instantaneously fires up a dash screen filled with S-Pen-capable apps which can be pre-installed, enabling you to develop anything from a fairly easy note with a magazine or diary access.

What we do find may be the S-Pen wasn’t often overly understanding of our light taps if this came to deciding on apps, resulting in us developing a few jabs at the display before the idea registered.

It failed to happen each time, but when the idea did it ended up being fustrating and far less efficient than by using a finger.

Though in every fairness, attractive as it is, we simply cannot see Loved ones Circle getting their entire DTP function to a Samsung Galaxy Take note 2.

For drawing, it’s simple enough, and will give you hours involving fun.

But it is also really handy for more complicated tasks, so we like the proven fact that you can add elements from videos and images to road directions and words memos to make your notes really interactive.

Not that, but you can easily scrawl mathematical formulae and also the Samsung Whole world Note Only two will understand it in your case. Boffins rejoice.

But this is where the idea falls straight down for us: it’s complicated. Very.

Like most of you, we’re higher the geek scale than your average person Bloggs, and are capable of tinker with regards to with various bits of tech with no becoming way too flummoxed.

But even we felt slightly overwhelmed by it all.

This is not a little bit of technology that you’re going to use straight out of the box : at least never to its total potential.

It needs some severe sitting down and also exploring plus a good purchase of time for the best out of it most.

If you’re a college student buying this for your studies or a mentor obtaining that to help with a few academic work, you may be happy to do this.

If you’re just Bob Smith who is wandered into the local telephone store, will you be happy to perform same?

Some in the comments published in response to your original New samsung Galaxy Be aware review mentioned we’d missed the point : that this would likely indeed are the device accustomed to annotate during lectures and so forth.

But in addition to a few devoted users, we have been still not really hugely persuaded.

And here’s why – in the event that’s your goal, similar to the New samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, which is a tablet and has the above included with a thicker, simpler to hold S-Pen, might end up feeling like a more sensible choice.

From a practical degree, it’s also a little bit fiddly to obtain the S-Pen back in the slot.

Since it is not a perfect cylindrical form, it has to be fiddled with to drive it residence.

Not so much that it’s going to make you scream, however enough to help you have to spend valuable mere seconds.

And as the friend Sylvia pointed out, if you’re a lady with flawlessly painted fingernails, having to hook a talon throughout the S-Pen to pull it could result in devastation.

It nearly does for her.

It’s not really that we don’t like the S-Pen : or are generally hammering Samsung for getting something new for the table : but we just found everything a little too convoluted for anything further than just a little perform.

And considering the Samsung Galaxy Be aware 2 has been marketed fairly heavily, we feel a lot of people can experience the same regarding their new purchase.

Hands on gallery

Official gallery


Samsung has gotten a product lots of people – which includes us — expected to drain. It’s built on that will given us one thing even better.

Faster, more robust, better looking, plus more functional. It really is better attached than ever, and due to that greater screen size, currently takes the particular crown within our eyes because the perfect advertising player.

We liked

Samsung provides achieved a great gift here, because it has made the actual Samsung Galaxy Note Only two bigger than the main, but pulls it off so that you don’t notice it excessive.

The fact that this launches working Android Jelly Bean and contains such grunt achievable processor helps make this a class-leading cell phone. And with the camera which churns out wonderful snaps, oahu is the perfect unit in many ways.

We disliked

But we simply can’t defeat the fact that the actual Samsung Universe Note A couple of is biiiiiiiiig as well as feels a little odd inside hand from time to time. The S-Pen is a welcome supplement, but it’s consequently complicated.

And occasionally, the whole expertise can be too technical — for example being forced to dig about in the selection for net reformatting options or even download further bits simply to get it to sync using a Mac.

Final verdict

It’s tough to pull doing this together in a final conclusion. Do we level the Samsung Galaxy Be aware 2 as being a phone which has a trillion great features? Or being a personal advertising player that makes phone calls?

As a phone, it’s huge, but once you will get over which, if you can, it’s good. As a PMP, it really does exceed, and as an internet communicator, it is nearly second to none (although we can’t entirely get the flavor of Thumb absence out of our mouth area).

But it’s also expensive, and the sort of handset that individuals think will certainly struggle to discover mass attraction – even so the iPhone A few will nevertheless set you back more, as you’ll need to fork out ?46 per month of the 32gb version, where as you can get a free Note 2 through ?31 per month over a two year package.

We already pick up lots of people grumble that the Check out the Galaxy S3 is a lot too big. Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 takes that to another stage, and the Universe S3 can now be picked up for free on a 24 month commitment starting at merely ?21 per month, or ?430/AU$670/US$690 SIM-free, while the Take note is around ?530/AU$999/US$700.

Ultimately, there is no getting away from the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Be aware 2 is a niche gadget. But it does almost everything this sets to do correctly, with leeway, class and maximum performance. And if you’re interested in a larger smartphone or a little tablet, generally there really is no much better device.