Hands-on review: Straight talk samsung Galaxy S4

Hands-on review: Samsung Galaxy S4

Hands-on review: Samsung Galaxy S4

Hands-on review: Samsung Galaxy S4

Hands-on review: Samsung Galaxy S4

Hands-on review: Samsung Galaxy S4

Hands-on review: Samsung Galaxy S4

Hands-on review: Samsung Galaxy S4

Hands-on review: Samsung Galaxy S4

Hands-on review: Samsung Galaxy S4

Hands-on review: Samsung Galaxy S4

Hands on: Samsung Galaxy S4 review

The Check out the Galaxy S4 delivers a huge Total HD display, an improved digicam and more quickly innards, and matches all inside a chassis exactly the same size as the Galaxy S3.

However, many will struggle to know the difference between the S4 and its particular predecessor, since the polycarbonate chassis is still in use, although the metallic banding around the part, while nonetheless plastic, is really a lot sturdier along with feels more premium.

We’ve by now seen a lot of the Samsung Galaxy S4, as it’s recently been snapped too many times in leaking ? some more correct than others, it must be said ? along with the specs mooted possess turned out to be quite bang in.

But that doesn’t matter ? megapixels and also gigabytes will not mean everything if they’re certainly not wrapped up in a considerable package, just how much of a marked improvement is the Samsung Galaxy S4 within the S3, and more importantly, your competition?


The Samsung Universe S4 is built about four fundamentals: an improved digital camera, better connections with others, health and wellbeing improvements and making existence easier.

While this can be all just a little hyperbolic, the S4 at the very least brings a feel to be able to things whilst improving nearly every spec being offered. The outside remains plastic, nevertheless harks back to the particular mesh design, if not sense of the Galaxy S2.

Colour wise you do have a choice of ‘White Frost’ and also ‘Black Mist’, which decorate the large gadget, which operates in with proportions of 136.6 a 69.Eight x 7.9mm, despite even now having to bunch in a 5-inch Total HD Tremendous AMOLED screen.

That means it will have a bigger screen, however smaller framework than the Universe S3, which is a brilliantly impressive feat of engineering, especially when you think about the specs.

But like their predecessor, the plastic sense of the Whole world S3 won’t appeal to all. The idea feels extremely lightweight (tipping the weighing scales at 130g) inside hand, and while people have been recently conditioned out of this feeling low cost, compare that to the The all new htc One and you’ll see that it is a long way from premium feeling.

However, it is exactly the same discomfort as we found on the Galaxy S3, along with given the document numbers of sales that had Samsung is sticking with a winning method, plus there’s more than a market for a phone you will barely notice in your pocket more often than not.

Compared to rest from the Galaxy series, the S4 proceeds in the same vein because Samsung Whole world Note Only two and the S3, (in addition to myriad additional devices) exhibiting the Koreans are keen on setting up a design traditions here.

The home button will be roughly the identical size along with the same selection and rear buttons continue being from the prequel.

Overall, the effects is a much more well put together Universe S3 ? so this ensures that when you take it out down the club people will not likely notice you may have the latest cell phone, which is a bit of a shame.

The Straight talk samsung Galaxy S4 feels like much more of an iterative update than brand new design, even though it will probably sell nicely there’s almost no to wow you in terms of the overall design. Specs are crucial, but if there is such as issue as a Check out the Galaxy S3S, this would be it.

But faraway from all that negative opinions! We have a brand new phone to test over, so let’s take a moment and mention the screen: it’s even more beautiful than before.


We virtually feel sad that this isn’t the first Full HD monitor we’ve seen on the mobile phone, as it’s kind of lost its lustre since the likes in the HTC 1 and Panasonic Xperia Z have managed the identical trick ? however it improves the sharpness a lot, even though you just aren’t getting that much different from the S3.

Side by aspect you can see the difference close up, along with the brightness and efficiency are actually tweaked to make this a much more compelling display screen in a telephone. Talk all that’s necessary about the positive aspects and color saturation involving LCD ? the actual Samsung Galaxy S4 is leagues forward when it comes to jaw-dropping screens.

The 441ppi pixel density will not match your HTC A single, but is much more than sufficient for the average user.

We’ll always be mightily surprised if the combined rise in popularity of the HTC One as well as Samsung Whole world S4 don’t quick Apple in a re-tooling of the display screen with the i phone 5S or iPhone 6, because sharpness will definitely wow users on the shelves.

Aside from the initial impression of the design, in the hand the actual Samsung Whole world S3 feels only dandy. The structure contours well against the hand, and while the actual screen size can be a little massive for some (you’ll need a bit of shuffling to reach the top of section of the monitor) it’s undoubtedly useable inside the hand.

So to put it briefly: if you don’t head plastic so you like cutting-edge High-definition screens in your pocket, this is a cell phone definitely worth checking out.


Samsung hasn’t actually re-tooled the Touchwiz overlay for the Galaxy S4, however has added some intelligent upgrades that can have some consumers talking about innovation.

For instance, the actual lock screen doesn’t have water rippling any more, nevertheless does register your hand from around two centimetres away, thus a little laser beam will follow your digit when you unlock. It’s something you’ll definitely enjoy for ages.

It’s crystal clear with the Universe S4 that Check out the has worked out and about there’s just so much it might do on the hardware side these days ? not to say that we’re pretty impressed with the specification list — and as such provides tried to deliver the unique flavour through the user interface instead.

As just before with Touchwiz, you will find there’s definite perception the whole course of action has been simple, as the phone has got an extremely easier really feel to it whenever swiping all around. That’s not to state there aren’t lots of widgets to be played with, but there is less mess on the more substantial screen.

The dock at the bottom from the display permeates, and there tend to be more widgets to learn with. Because of the Galaxy S4 working Android Jelly Bean 4.2.Only two you’ve right now got a great addition inside notifications bar of a toggle within the top-right hand place where you can start and away pretty much anything at all, from National football conference to Party Cast to be able to eye-tracking.

Swiping around the show was easy as pie ? it isn’t really exactly demanding on the processor, but many of us did remember that there was a little pause even as we swiped over the menu monitor on this pre-production product.

However, there is a worry that the octo-core (yes, you read that right) A single.6 Gigahertz Exynos 5 Central processing unit, with 2GB of RAM too, could draw power too dramatically ? however we’ve but to hear the full details of how the actual CPU will work before we could pass virtually any judgement about that.

Smart Keep, which paths your eyes to see if you’re looking at the screen, offers stablemates now. Sensible Pause will certainly note if the gaze simply leaves the screen and will stop the video, as well as Smart Browse will check when you’re reading through a web web site and browse up and down because you tilt the device.

It’s a book idea for replacing issues you do currently but in practice we missed either that will useful. Smart Pause has a second to subscribe your gaze has gone, which means you’ll still skip part of the online video, and Smart Scroll (again, pre-production model) had been far from exact when we moved the phone.

Smart Speech hasn’t been improved beyond helping the accuracy in the voice recognition and Driving Mode, that may give you much more voice-related feedback when you are in your engine.

Smart Alert has been upgraded: right now it’s joined by Air Gestures, which allow one to swipe the phone with out touching the particular screen. This means you can flip through images or music tracks ("excellent if you have unpleasant fingers" says Samsung) flick to the top level of a list by wiping upwards on the screen and Atmosphere Call Take starts your camera? no, we’re joking. The idea accepts an appointment without touching the monitor.

On top of that there are Hover mode, which is the identical to Air View on the Be aware 2 which usually used the actual S Dog pen and tracked when it had been near the screen to give previews involving emails, movie scrolling without distressing the action, and seeing who is upon speed dial.

A quick check with this noticed the preview being triggered a little too very easily, but it’s absolutely a neat feature and something we could become accustomed to.

But overall the good news is the large monitor looks fantastic, the improved CPU might not be required but is welcomed and the little splashes like the shining lock display do actually feel like a true step forward.


The Straight talk samsung Galaxy S4 uses in the footsteps of its predecessors in that it can be designed for mass media ? which is what you’d expect from a mobile phone that’s the follow up to the cell phone we named the best around for mass media on the go.

The movie player is usually taking center stage below on the Galaxy S4, and with the improved Full HD Very AMOLED screen is merely magnificent with regard to watching videos.

The video hub now contains both personalized and delivered electronically content area, and it appears really, very nice when watching it on the 5-inch screen.

It’s an understandably outstanding experience, with the screen veritably shining with good quality contrast percentages and reasonable colour processing.

The navigation knowledge is easy as well, and slipping up and down the actual timeline to maneuver through a online video seems extremely intuitive.

AllShare Cast is included too, powering up the ability to flow to and from additional devices. Not only is it able to send out content through the phone with a TV as well as receive coming from a PC at home network, you can also do this slightly now, providing the device is actually turned on obviously.

Another feature can be mirroring, to send what ever is on the watch’s screen of your Whole world S4 and have this show on a larger present. We’ve seen this specific on a quantity of devices, and even though it’s not going to permit big screen video gaming on the go, since we’ve typically noted that you have a lag in between input and its particular realisation on the screen, it may be good for films if it’s significantly less jumpy than that comes with the S3.

Samsung has were able to stay ahead of those when it comes to inside storage as well ? it will be for sale in 16GB, 32 gb and 64GB flavors plus approximately 64GB through a sd card as well. That is certainly more storage area than nearly all will ever require on it’s own, proper?

This will be a fantastic feature for many smartphone customers, as while the internal storage is generally adequate for most points, many adore the idea of keeping the choice to broaden if they therefore wish ? consequently combining this specific with an expandable battery a very good idea from New samsung once again.


The New samsung Galaxy S4 camera is a step-up from its predecessor, with a 13MP sensor on the rear, which now has to pooch slightly from your chassis.

Samsung promises excellent low-light snaps from the S4 as well, but many of us doubt usually it takes on the may well of the The brand new htc One with regards to low light conditions, because Galaxy S3 has been decimated through the might of HTC’s Ultrapixels – and that’s before we even obtain onto the Nokia Lumia 920.

From a extremley bright flash to a bottom illuminated warning, our rapid snaps became available crisply and evidently ? and when we are saying quick, all of us mean the idea.

The UI is different a bit to mimic that on the Samsung Universe Camera, having a special function wheel to go between such things as the Macro, Elegance shot and also smile establishing, and while it’s a little slower it’s absolutely an easier to make use of interface.

Burst method is predictably back, but it now has a ‘Drama’ setting, so that you can take one particular shot and find out all the images merge into one. It works really well providing you don’t have one thing that’s too close to the camera or too big ? in our tests it showed you need a large amount of space in between each movement.

Eraser method and Cinema mode are available straight from the actual Nokia Lumia mobile phones we’ve seen not too long ago ? the former functions extremely well though, noting the unwanted thing moving in the backdrop and eliminating it through drawing a pink summarize around the thing and allowing you to delete. Nonetheless, you have to have the actual mode empowered, which takes multiple pics, rather than the standard photo, so you won’t be able to make great use of that most of the time.

Cinema mode lets you shoot a short online video and choose your part to help keep static ? which means you can have a qualifications moving while the person continues the same, and it is created inside a GIF to generate things appropriately early noughties.

You buy a 2MP camera on the top of the mobile phone for some reasonable personal photos ? plus you can even get Hi-def video documenting too.

This has been updated to allow you to record video clip and pictures using the front and back video cameras simultaneously, which does not really help make much perception in the great scheme of things, nevertheless at least you can put several clever structures around the face to make it much more relevant.


Samsung features managed to reduce the breadth of the Galaxy S4 compared to the S3 but upgraded the battery from 2,100mAh to 2,600mAh, encouraging a much bigger capacity and thus longer life.

However, effortlessly those added pixels (1080 x 1920) they are driving and more cores ? we are really not sure whether or not this will truly translate to improve battery life you aren’t. Samsung provides promised that this power operations will be more clever than ever before, nevertheless we’re nevertheless to play a fantastic half hour regarding HD video gaming and then enjoy a beast movie convention on the S4 to really test it away.

It was outstanding on the S3 for the most part, so this is hoping in which that Octo-core inspires even better life of the battery.

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Early Verdict

The New samsung Galaxy S4 is much more evolution when compared with revolution when compared to Galaxy S3 ? somewhat, it appears that the particular Korean firm has taken Apple’s lead and decided it doesn’t ought to massively renovate hardware whenever to make a declaration.

Perhaps it’s proper; after all, your specs are upgraded, the actual screen is larger and better and there is a host of new features on board to chew over.

But once you pick up your Samsung Galaxy S4 for the first time you won’t be blown away. The truth is, you’ll have to verify it IS the new phone, in lieu of another Galaxy S3 that you left on your cubical (if you’re therefore lucky to possess both, which is?)

Once you plunge into the handset, the new functions, the built-in Samsung Centre that brings collectively all your mass media, book, video gaming and educational requirements under one roof, and enhanced camera perform impress, however do shout of accomplishment over large innovation.

The digicam has a load of new methods we can’t note that many people using, but then again they have improved the fundamentals very well, consequently we’re looking forward to putting that through their paces when we can.

Overall, we’re just a little nonplussed by the Check out the Galaxy S4. It really is superbly extraordinary that it provides crammed much stuff right into a smaller framework than the Universe S3, but in reality, there’s not a lot of variation cosmetically bar beefing inside the structural ethics of the oral appliance putting more powerful glass around the front (Gorilla Wine glass 3 is not the be sniffed from though).

Will it sell from the bucketload? Undoubtedly. Can it represent a massive step forward for Samsung? Simply no, so it will probably be interested to see how it’s promoted to shoppers, or whether, like the iPhone 5, you will have apathy and a want to stick with previous year’s cheaper model once the phone commences (in the UK) on 26 The spring.